Volunteering for Cal-Neva Extreme

Each volunteer will receive free entry and 1 extra ticket to the event, a volunteer t-shirt, and lunch for Sat & Sun.  Volunteers must contact Glenn in advance to discuss volunteer positions (especially if you have not volunteered with us before, volunteer positions are limited). All volunteers are expected to act professionally and respectful at all times.  No alcohol while on duty (drugs strictly prohibited).   Our goal is to provide the most professional event possible, and you’re a part of making that happen.

If you find that volunteering is something that you enjoy, and you have volunteered for multiple events we will provide you an embroidered button up shirt custom made for you to show our appreciation. To volunteer, please contact Glenn Bonner (Contact Us)

This is an opportunity to be as close to the action as possible.  It’s also a good opportunity to meet all the teams personally and learn first hand what it takes to become a competitive rock crawler. You will be responsible for keeping track of scoring and timing.  Judging requires good agility and ability to climb around on rocks all day long (great way to stay in shape).   Attending a judges training class is required (provided by Cal-Neva).

In general Security people are there to keep spectators safe, and also keep an eye out for people sneaking in.  You may be asked to assist at the front gate.  Occasionally you may be called to help diffuse a situation before it escalates (luckily it doesn’t happen very often).

Set Up Crew
This job can vary a lot.  We need people to help Thursday and Friday before the events putting up banners, setting up cones & course banners, and general prep of event site.  This is a job that allows you to be free during the event to enjoy the action.

This job requires an extremely capable rig with a good, working 9,000 lb+ winch, and a very capable driver (inexperienced drivers need not apply).   You will responsible for the safe recovery of competitors that have rolled, broken, or gotten into a position they cannot get out of.  You will be under the guidance of our extraction expert, Ken Bernstein or our course marshal, Tony K.

If you’re a trained paramedic and enjoy the outdoors and rock crawling scene, we can always use your help.  Medic- Mike and Cricket head up our medical team, two great people that have been with us and the rock crawling community for over ten years.  The competitors count on an attentive medical staff, and it gives them confidence knowing they are there.  In addition you may also need to attend to the needs of the spectators.

Score Keepers
You will be responsible for running scores from the courses to the main score board, so that we can keep the scores constantly updated throughout the day.  You may also be asked to run items to the judges throughout the day (batteries for radios, water, score sheets etc…).  It’s a fairly straightforward easy job.