My first 4-wheeling experience was in my early model Bronco, on the Rubicon. I think I made three trips before I finally made it to Little Sluice.  My interest progressed from there, and I was invited to become a member of the Pirates of the Rubicon in the early 90’s.  After years of hardcore 4’wheeling I finally purchased (with a partner) a competition buggy in 2001 and started competing with CalROCS.  My first event was at Donner Ski Ranch in 2001.  Over the next seven years, Kurt Vielhaurer and I, as Team Rock Rated, competed in CalROCS, which later became W.E. ROCK.  I managed the team, maintained the car and did all the marketing for sponsorship.  Team Rock Rated had a lot of personal successes and fun.  The relationships that we built over the years have stayed intact, in fact this marks the 10th anniversary of our continuous sponsor relationship with CTM Racing.  After the W.E. Rock Grand Nationals in Texas in 2007, we realized we wanted to stay closer to home.  Also, we realized the sheer number of fellow competitors locally, hence the revival of CalROCS in October of 2007.

We made it through that first event, and we had a huge learning curve.  For the next three full seasons of CalROCS (2008-2010), we worked hard building a name and reputation for ourselves.  We developed a lot of close ties with teams and sponsors, and really enjoyed the sportsmanship and camaraderie.  At the end of the 2010 season, we decided it was time to leave CalROCS and create our own series.  Cal-Neva Extreme was born.

Our goal with Cal-Neva Extreme is to provide the best venues for the competitors, the best experience for the spectators, and the most exposure for the sponsors.  Running on all natural terrain, where rock crawling began, is something we want to continue, its important to us, the competitors and spectators.  We do realize that to get to the next level, we may need to consider man-made options, but our heart will always be with natural terrain.  In the 2011 season we put a lot of focus on the spectators, because it’s not only about the competition highlights, but about making sure the spectator experience is a memorable one.  We strive to make sure that all bases are covered and we have a great volunteer and support staff. 

For 2012, we will be working to bring Cal-Neva Extreme into the audio/visual media world.  I have been working diligently on several different plans for a documentary/reality type of coverage for our series.  It’s not an easy thing to do, but we’ve developed contacts in a couple of different places and are getting closer to making it a reality.  We know that this kind of exposure to the sport would definitely take it to the next level.

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